Friday, June 5, 2009

What, No Fireworks?

First off, Trofie Wife apologizes for such a long hiatus in posting (although she knows that our readers are relieved to have some time to catch up on the, uh, jam-packed entries). Much has transpired in the past month+, so you can look forward to new stories and pictures in the coming days. Allora, going backwards in time…

Several weekends ago, we had the pleasure of celebrating the 25
aprile holiday, which essentially commemorates the partisans' liberation of northern
Italy in 1945; it's as close to the 4th of July as they get here, and Trofie Wife did not want to miss the festivities. So, we set the alarm clock for the ungodly Saturday hour of 10:15 a.m., and made it down to the piazza by the sea just in time to see the Arenzano marching band escort various dignitaries and veterans across the street to the stage. Martello snapped some great shots, while Trofie Wife scrunched her ears in an attempt to understand what the mayor and friends were saying (too much chatter in the crowd and a weak amplifier, but it sounded very patriotic).  The events are annually sponsored by A.N.P.I (Associazione Nazionale Partigiani d’Italia—this organization is so hip that they even have a Facebook page! They still actively work against fascism as they define it in present-day Italia).

Martello and I are still trying to figure out who these guys in the Robin Hood hats are. We’ve seen them at public events but also traveling together in groups at random times. We’re thinking that they're either veterans or some kind of lodge members; eventually we’ll work up the courage to ask someone...

After the last speech was muffled by microphone, we headed to the parco communale to view the FlorArte festival, which helps to kick off the spring/summer season in Arenzano. Local flower artists are directed to interpret paintings with floral design. While some color in the lines, so to speak, and closely adhere to the outlines of the painting, others are more loosely interpreted, and we found those to be far more interesting than the literal pieces (ladies with more than six weeks to plan your wedding take note: it's a cute idea!). Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to snap our own shots, but I will attach here a link to the official Web site, which features some representative pictures that will hopefully illustrate the concept,

Strangely enough, the event provided us with an experience straight out of Arrested Development. Trofie Wife presents to you, the sustainable Lemon Bar (Banana Shack, anyone?):

The furry barista mixed up delicious lemon-infused drinks and was as sweet and tender as George Michael, adding additional potato chips to the free snack plate after Martello had downed the last ones (he downed several more handfuls following the refill).

Random encounters with giant fruit on wheels aside, throughout the region during the days leading up to and following 25 aprile, passersby will note the great care taken to laying memorial wreaths on every street sign and monument honoring Italy’s fallen partisans and freedom fighters. With so many current residents having endured the horrors of World War II in this very town, they are certain to observe the occasion with solemnity for as long as they are able.

Baci e gelato,

Martello e Trofie Wife 

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