Friday, June 12, 2009

Honk! It’s the Pedibus!

There’s a new movement afoot (hee hee) to get local kids to arrive at school in a green fashion. Back in late April, Trofie Wife noted a cute sign (see above) featuring a green dinosaur wearing red high tops by walkways across from the newsstand and in the center of town. Each sign indicated a pick-up spot for a color-coded line. I conducted some research and discovered that the “Pedibus” was not, as I imagined, a cutout bus traced onto a sheet or large slab of cardboard that the kids carried as they walked in unison, but instead, just a group of bambini walking to school en masse, accompanied by an adult chaperone. While Trofie Wife’s image of the cutout bus is decidedly more creative, just referring to the concept as a “pedibus” is cute enough. Always on the cutting edge (maybe? I'm not really sure), Arenzano was selected to participate in the provincial pedibus pilot program. Presumably if it goes well, they’ll expand it to all of Genova.

I am never outside at the right times to spot the bus in motion, and the school year is nearly up, but perhaps I’ll catch a glimpse at some point. In the meanwhile, there’s some event this weekend with local and regional government mucky mucks touting the success of the program. Maybe we’ll manage to swing by; supposedly there’s some sort of biking demonstration that might involve fancy tricks (Trofie Wife may or may not have read that poster correctly…).

Baci e gelato,

Martello e Trofie Wife

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