Monday, December 8, 2008

A Return to Normalcy (Well, At Least to As Normal As We Get Around Here…) Plus Some Other Odds and Ends

Trofie Wife is thrilled to report that the first of her promised telecommute gigs has panned out. She started work this week and is quite happy to be “back in the game,” as they (whoever says “back in the game”) say. Never fear—this turn of events should not halt blog production at all. In fact, it may just increase it, given Trofie Wife’s propensity to build increasing returns on her productivity (i.e., the busier I am, the more I can get done).

And now to turn to the energy front: According to news reports, demand for power fell across Italy in November due to relatively warm temperatures (see We’re not quite sure where these reporters were stationed, but the power demand in Trofie Wife and Martello’s apartment certainly did not drop. In fact, we shivered though many a November night while “demand” was falling.

Finally, in world power headlines: The annual G-8 summit is making a triumphant return to Italy in July (perhaps in honor of Martello’s birthday?). If you read Trofie Wife’s earlier post on the outcome of the Diaz trial (related to police brutality during the 2001 G-8 meeting in Genoa), you’ll realize that there might be some local trepidation afoot in regards to such violent incidents repeating themselves. Well, never fear, because the Italian planners have identified a perfect venue, La Maddelena, an exquisite, pristine island nestled between Sardinia and Corsica (Napoleon, anyone?). Eager protesters be forewarned: it is only accessible by boat, and I suspect that the Italian equivalent of the Coast Guard will be out in full force (at least you can't brutalize people if you keep them at bay...).

Baci e gelato,

Martello e Trofie Wife

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hillel hammerman said...

"Back in the Game" may be a generational expression. The original title of Harry Freund's "Love with Noodles" was " Back in the Game." Other examples: "swell", "groovy" "cooking with gas" and "firing on all eight cylinders"