Sunday, December 14, 2008

a life for a night

our quaint village of arenzano is not exactly a hub of nightlife, save a couple bars. but last night we got to shake things up a bit at a coworker's soiree. after splurging on a pillow upgrade at ikea (our furnished pillows are like lumpy sacks of concrete), we came back to check out the party. and despite being about 80% officemates (the host hails from the umbrian city of assisi), it was definitely a couple notches above the typical christmas or birthday party you might see on an episode of 'the office'.

highlights included:
-blood orange (now in season in sicily) sangria
-seats made out of plastic bags stuffed with shredded construction documents
-polenta dramatically poured straight on the table and draped with sauce and cheese shavings
-watching the comically bearded and bespectacled model shop guy get his groove on to amy winehouse tracks
-the couch being too crowded for trofie wife to nap (though this meant an earlyish departure)
-just a short walk home
[trofie wife interjects that she would like to be given serious credit for attending and chatting at the party, resisting a couch nap, and staying out past her bedtime]

martello e trofie wife

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