Thursday, December 4, 2008

Clothing Curiosities

As the signs of winter sprout (note the snow on the mountain, a lovely view en route to the train station, grocery store, or aluminum recycling bin), Trofie Wife’s mind remains temporarily frozen on a recent discovery made during a routine walk: children at the local Catholic school in this country that hosts the seat of the Church do not wear school uniforms. What gives? I have come up with three possible answers:

 1) Given Arenzano’s propensity for fancy strollers and hip cars (read: Park Slopeism), perhaps it’s a wealthy outlier where parents have advocated for the retention of their children’s wardrobe originality (purple galore!).

 2) Perhaps Catholic school (girl or boy) uniforms have never existed in Italy, and it is the Irish brand of Catholicism that is responsible for the kilts and ties.

 3) In yet another example of American exceptionalism, we, in fact, gave birth to the Catholic school uniform. 

Clearly, Trofie Wife has way too much time on her hands if such musings are what she’s devoting it to….

Baci e gelato,

Martello e Trofie Wife

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