Thursday, December 4, 2008

Behind the Scenes at “Martello e Trofie Wife”

Like any good pop culture venture, Martelloetrofiewife realized that it was about time for a “behind the blog” post—minus the debauchery and melodrama. Trofie Wife realizes that the rate of posting might seem a bit odd to some readers (i.e., posting five entries at a time after a week of silence), so she thought that some insight into our production process would be helpful. 

First, Trofie Wife (or, in a rare case, Martello) needs to have some sort of experiential encounter that can spawn at least a paragraph of commentary. Examples include a struggle with a household appliance, an interesting tidbit in an online article, or actually leaving the house and noticing (or even doing!) something. Next, Trofie Wife opens up a Word document and blathers on about the matter. The writing may take place in one sitting or follow a more meandering path, depending on the status of her attention span that day. After at least one re-read (with the requisite editing), Trofie Wife is now ready to share her piece with Martello (or vice versa, as the case may be). This “sharing” should by no means be construed as “a visit to the censor”; we have a First Amendment (and then some) policy in this house. The writer reads the piece aloud to the spouse in order to double check for clarity and grammar, as well as collect snarky interjections that can then be parenthetically inserted as necessary.

The next step is to format the document on the Web site. Trofie Wife pastes the information onto the page and uploads (usually with great frustration) any accompanying photos. Finally, she reads the entry over one last time before pressing the “Publish” button. In a final attempt to get the word out, Trofie Wife posts a link to the blog on her newly-acquired Facebook page (thanks, nudgey friends). Sometimes this takes a while, since Martello (usually the one on the being-read-to end) needs to be home and awake enough to digest the information. (He notes that Trofie Wife can speed up the process by not writing so much… .)

Baci e gelato,

Martello e Trofie Wife


Joey said...

you guys are such dorks. This isn't L+R you know, we won't make you resubmit until it's grammatically correct!

Trofie Wife said...

I take full responsibility for the dorkiness. You know that Martello doesn't really roll that way...