Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Un Giorno Triste for Culinary Peace and Harmony

Trofie Wife was appalled and embarrassed to learn that the so-called cosmopolitan Milan along with Lucca (in Tuscany) have banned any new “foreign” eateries from opening within city limits. Of course these eateries are of the kebab, chow mein, and shumai variety; hamburgers and escargot are exempt from exile.

Martello is especially homesick for falafel and other Middle Eastern veggie delights and dines on them whenever the opportunity arises (as it yummily did in Torino). This article points out that Italy’s vaunted cuisine was built on imports from Peru (the tomato) and likely China (spaghetti):

Trofie Wife will be sure to keep readers informed as this story develops. She believes it would be unlikely for the ban to wind its way down to Liguria, but apparently anything is possible in Italy!

Baci e gelato (and in solidarity with falafel, sushi, and lo mein),

Martello e Trofie Wife 

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