Friday, February 6, 2009

Name That Canzone

Now I don’t mean to compete with “Dave’s Song of the Day,” ( , which is possibly on hiatus?), but allow me this one opportunity. You see Trofie Wife has been going slightly insane for the past few months, trying to figure out the artist of a certain Italian song that she seems to hear EVERYWHERE (particularly the grocery store, on every visit). It’s a catchy tune with the one recognizable word (seemingly the title) being Novembre (my favorite month!). Well, I finally got cut some slack on this matter via another song of hers (which was properly identified) and managed to track it down—Novembre by Giusy Ferreri. Turns out that she placed second on the Italian version of “American Idol.” (Don’t the runners up always end up having more talent than the winners? Though I’m not really sure, as I usually only watch that show during the hilariously awful auditions, and I’ve yet to see an international version).  According to Ferreri’s Wikipedia page, she bears a vocal resemblance to Amy Winehouse (though as far as I know, no similar religious affiliation).

Unfortunately, the American iTunes doesn’t yet sell her stuff, but you can check out Giusy and Novembre here:

Baci e gelato,

Martello e Trofie Wife


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