Sunday, January 31, 2010

"Miamese" in Mountainous Places

Another unexpected--yet most welcome--addition to our trip was a visit with friends from Martello’s grad school days, i Miamese, who were staying with family in the tiny town of Cesana, near the larger (yet still small) town of Feltre. We were extremely grateful for la Miamese's entire family’s warmth and hospitality. Their history in the town goes far back, and each section of the family keeps a cozy summer home in what Trofie Wife decided was a delightful compound, with shared outside space for large family meals. We spent our first day together touring around Feltre, visiting the church, and encountering an elderly sculptor who showed us around the unique works in his studio:

Artist's studio

View of Feltre

We spent the better part of the evening at the Pedavena beer hall. Given its proximity to Austria, this region of Italy is known for brewing some excellent beer. In fact, Pedavena was so superb that even Trofie Wife (not really a beer drinker) enjoyed it! We didn’t know that the major summer beer fest was in progress that evening, so the crowd grew surprisingly large and the music loud. Though at various stages of pushing 30, we enjoyed the throwback to high school, with la Miamese's mama picking us up when we were good and full.

Autobus to Belluno

Belluno, a noted lovely town at the foot of the mountains, was our destination the following day. Unfortunately, the lack of a train station luggage room required that we schlep our huge bag around with us while touring charming cobblestone streets. This was particularly annoying given that a massive downpour engulfed the town. Luckily, we had already stopped at a gelateria and were safely ensconced inside, scoops at the ready. When the crazy rainstorm finally ceased, we wandered the quaint streets, stopping into churches and doing a bit of bird watching (a mama pigeon was feeding her squawking young).  Although we were continuing to journey west (and what a journey it was) we planned to meet up with our friends once again in Vicenza
Arcades of Belluno
Baci e gelato,
Martello e Trofie

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