Friday, April 17, 2009

The Goats[est] with the Mostest

So for some reason that Trofie Wife still doesn't understand, there is a veritable menagerie across the street from the supermarket shopping center: goats (including some adorable new baby goats); chickens; a confused, oversized duck that looks like he got caught in an oil slick and/or licked a tab of LSD; and a gimpy bunny rabbit (one of his paws is pushed in, perhaps the result of a goat charge). I guess it's the situation of one lone farmer resisting the encroaching development. For a moment or two I thought the animals were actually owed by the commune of Arenzano, serving as a window onto a bygone era, but Martello said that made no sense. Whoever owns them is never amongst them shepherd style, but the animals do receive a steady stream of food from passing grocery workers and children (accompanied by their parents) after school. There's lightly-barbed wire around their stone-enclosed pen, but the mature goats manage to leap up (but, thankfully, not over) the wall to grab the proffered grub.

I have yet to record any viable footage of said goats (who dominate the pen) locking horns and body slamming each other (it's quite a sight), but perhaps Martello (who's looking more and more like a billy goat with his ever-thickening barba (beard) these days) can goad them into a match one weekend afternoon and we'll have something to post.

Nevertheless, I present to you these images:

I have no idea where that sink came from and why it's still there

Baci e gelato,

Martello e Trofie Wife

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